Airborne Concept offers air-droppable, electric UAV

18 Jun Airborne Concept offers air-droppable, electric UAV

Airborne Concept (Hall 4 A108) is here exhibiting the Drop n’ Drone, an air-droppable, electrically powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can carry a two-pound payload. “The idea is to relieve a surveillance aircraft, such as a special-mission military transport, and still keep a site under watch,” Airborne Concept president Arnaud Le Maout told AIN. He alluded to those missions when terrorists have to be kept under constant observation so as not to lose track of a hostage.

If, for example, a manned aircraft has to leave the site to refuel, the crew can drop the UAV from any opening. “A parachute deploys, the wing–previously aligned with the fuselage–rotates into position, then the parachute detaches and the UAV pulls out,” Le Maout explained.

At the end of its mission, the UAV can fly to a preprogrammed point, which also can be changed in flight. It can either open a second parachute for a smooth recovery or crash if the operator does not want the enemy to use it.

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