Collaboration : drones and police operations

21 Jun Collaboration : drones and police operations

Soon, Police operations will be conducted by drones.

Selected from 131 projects at the 21st call to the Interministerial Fund projects, an UAV system for public security forces will be developed by a consortium led by Thales, with innovative SMEs as Airborne Concept, Geoconcept or Ektacom.

Reality catches up (science) fiction: Aerial operational support for police and firefighters (Coopol) aims to equip law enforcement aircraft with impressive features. From the System@tic Paris-Region cluster, the project has been selected among 131 candidates in the 21th call for proposals (closed in December) of the Interministerial Fund, a program developed in partnership with the regions to support applied research.

The project includes the opportunity to evolve at low altitude in complex environments while avoiding obstacles and automated flight in a swarm of drones with the ability to identify and take spinning moving targets. More, automatic detection of events such as friction in a crowd or the presence of an individual registered by police… Thanks to a monitor displaying 3D aircraft tracks, just a single operator will be required to drive all of the system.